About Simius

What makes us tick?

What is Simius?

Simius is the easiest way a smart home owner can verify their home network is safe against cyber attacks.

Using Technology to empower everyday people

Our Mission

Simius is dedicated to helping everyday people solve very complex problems by giving them access to powerful technologies.

Our Vision

Is a future where humanity is supercharged (and not replaced) by automation. Simius is simply one of the ways for us to get to that future faster and safer.

Our Crew

Meet the Team.

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Neil Okikiolu
Founder & CEO

Neil is a Computer Scientist, Roboticist and the founder of Simius AI. He is either working on Simius, trying to automate tasks in his home or researching new developments in Robotics.

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Kent Thachek
Co-Founder & CTO

Kent Thachek is a Disaster Recovery Specialist and Programmer Analyst with background in Software Engineering, Bioinformatics, and Information Technology, as well as a co-founder of Simius Smart Device Security.

Why Smart Device Security?

Simple, smart home devices are woefully insecure. In addition, it is extremely difficult for device owners to diagnose and fix these issues. Simius was created to give these device owners a way to find insecurities with their network and devices before a hacker can find and exploit these issues.

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If you want to speak to one of the founders, talk to us at neil@simius.ai or kent@simius.ai
If you have any other questions, reach us at info@simius.ai